What a true detective show looks like…

We live in a time that most of the TV series we watch are not what you would call quality Television. Only a few can truly be called that. This year a new series premiered and apparently, we get to call it quality TV because, it’s doing darn well, and getting some very positive reviews.

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The Story

True Detective is an American crime drama TV series on HBO. It is considered to be in the Southern Gothic, Neo-noir and mystery genres as well. The series premiered the 12th of January, 2014 and with only eight episodes, it managed to gain a lot of fans. It has two seasons -so far- and is pitched as an anthology format.

Said by HBO itself the series is about

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The Writer and the Director

Cary Fukunaga was the director of the first season, so far he has had mostly positive critique for his work on the series. He is also a writer and cinematographer and some of his other work has been directing the film Jane Eyre (2011) and Sin Nombre (2009).

The writer of the series is Nic Pizzolatto, a 38 year old born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also producer of the show and a novelist as well. True Detective has been his greatest project so far. Before True Detective, Pizzolatto wrote two episodes of the series, The Killing in 2011. This year, he was accused of plagiarizing Thomas Ligotti’s The Conspiracy Against the Human Race: A Contrivance of Horror, but he and HBO stated it as false.

The Characters

The characters that Pizzolatto created for this series are brilliant, these are the main and most acclaimed ones:

Rustin Cohle: Played bye Matthew McConaughey, this character is a smart and dedicated but troubled and haunted detective. He works at the Louisina State Homicide Unit, alongside his partner, Martin Hart. McConaughey is also known for his Oscar-wining performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

Marty Hart: Martin Eric “Marty” Hart is a Louisiana State Police detective and parter of Rust Cohle. He is a very good-natured, friendly and sociable man but still longs for his past glory days. This character is portrayed by Woddy Harrelson a 53 year old from Texas.

Maggie Hart: She is the wife of Detective Mary Hart and has two daughters with him but they divorced in 2002. She was born in a traditional upper middle-class family from Louisiana. She is a nurse at the local hospital. Michelle Monaghan is the actress that brings Maggie to life, she’s from Iowa and is 38 years old.

Maynard Gilbough: He is a Louisiana State Police detective and he doesn’t quite get along with another one of the characters, Thomas Papania. Michael Potts is the actor who portrays this character. He is also known for Hackers and The Conspiracy Theory.

Thomas Papiana: This man is a Louisiana State Police detective, he works alongside Maynard Gilbough, but neither of them is really happy about it. He is played by Tory Kittles a 39 year old American actor.

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Season One

The first season had a nice start and end. Some people were disappointed, and others relieved, that there weren’t any weird or bizarre fiction. Many suspected it because it got a little lost in the middle of the season, with Rust Cohle having hallucinations for example, but luckily it didn’t go mad and got back on track.

It had a really great structure, giving us leaps through events between 1995, 2002 and 2012 which were brilliantly executed. In the finale we got exactly what we had in the beginning: two men wrangling and working with each other to solve a very complicated and ignores series of disappearances and murders.

Season Two

The second season has already been announced, and although it is sure what exactly will be about, Nic Pizzolato spilled a little bit about what the main plot is going to be about. He said it was going to be about “hard woman, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system”. That sound quite intriguing and interesting.

It has also been said that there will be a lot of changes in the second season. There will be completely new and different characters, a different story and even new setting too. And instead of being directed by only one director, the second season will have multiple directors, each directing different episodes of the season.

This really is what we know as an anthology format, which is when a series presents a different story and set of characters in each episode or season. This second season is set to start filming in September 2014.

What are the Critics Saying?

Most of the critic reviews for the series have been extremely positive. The New York Times’ critic review by Lorne Manly said “From its very conception, True Detective has subverted expectations of the cop-and-murder mystery genre, as well as rituals of the television business.”

True Detective has been nominated to multiple awards, some of them EMMY awards. In 2014, it was nominated to two EMMYS -and won one-, two Critic’s Choice -and also won once-, one Audience Award, and SXSW Film Design Award and won one out of two Teen Choice Award nominations.

So we can truly say that True Detective is a great series, with incredible success and amazing writer. Hopefully it is here for the long run and last several more seasons. Only the future will tell us what awaits for the great series that is True Detective. So if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t waste any more time and go catch up!